Lagos de Colores

Cooperative Lagos de Colores

It is a cooperative that was founded on August 27, 1996; wish is located in the Lagos de Montebello region, Chiapas. With a number of 150 producers from the Maya-Chuj community, this is dedicated to the cultivation and care of organic coffee plantations. One of the varieties grown in the region is Oro Azteca and Geisha.

The production uses an ancient Mayan care method that is based on living with Mother Nature. Every year before the start of the harvest they are evaluated by Certimex, a government agency that certifies that the marine crop is 100% organic. The harvest season begins in October and November; the coffee harvest begins at the beginning of the year, lasting approximately three months of harvesting.

The process used by coffee growers in the region is as follows; Pulp, ferment and wash, when they have already done these processes, they take the coffee beans to the drying patio, with must reach 12% humidity to store them in bags.

One of the primary needs they have in the cooperative is to train affected members of the community so that they continue to care for the coffee harvest and the environment in an ancestral way, without chemicals and without other products that alter natural production, it is a highly sacrificed work, they supervise internally that their members follow their rules internal, if not, they will be sanctioned, because they have the conservation of these traditional processes as they have inherited if for generations.