About us

  • 100% organic product

    From the care of the coffee plantations through the cutting of the fruit, the washing, the drying, the roasting and even the packaging of the coffee, no chemical that alters the condition of the coffee is used. Therefore we can say that at the time of trying our coffee LA CHIAPANECA you will not find taste in sticks, chemicals or molds. You will find flavours of citrus, fruits and honey that have been meticulously cared for.

  • Coffee of origin

    The coffee of La Chiapaneca comes from a part of the Lacondon Jungle, next to the Montebello Lakes. The ecosystem is a forest of plateau transition fog with a height  of 1200 to 1600 meters above sea level, and that makes it stand out among citrus and honey. The coffee plantations are cared by a cooperative of the Maya Chuj ethnic group and have varieties such as Oro Azteca and Geisha that makes them unique and unmatched.

  • Ancestral method

    Respecting the times dictated by Mother Nature and all living beings such as flora and fauna, the coffee is planted, taking care of and cut. The cooperative that takes care of this coffee expresses its respect and love for mother earth and the bond of man with the nourishment of the land.

  • Investment in social project

    Our commitment as a cooperative is that part of the benefits will be allocated to social projects for the communities of Chiapas, Mexico. We want to contribute to the awareness, improvement and management of coffee quality, as well as to provide new generations with the vision of continuing to have good organic shade coffees and collaborating in the reforestation of the Lacondon jungle: mitigate on the one hand, the migration of peoples to other states or countries and not continue leaving the coffee plantations, as the latest censures of the Mexican countryside show.

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