La Chiapaneca

La Chiapaneca


La Chiapaneca is a cooperative born in Barcelona in 2019, a microenterprise and entrepreneur. We are distinguished by the commitment to buy, spread and sell the best coffee beans from Chiapas, Mexico, a 100% organic and specialty product. working with small coffee producers. We are a company aware of the environment, fair work, respect for coffee growers and the commercialization of their coffee.

Our coffee is Arabica, unique and exquisite blends. The coffee varieties come from two Cooperatives in Chiapas, Lagos de Colores and Tzeltal Tzotzil. An ancient Mayan care method based on living with Mother Nature I used in coffee productions. It is a quality product and ethically sustainable with the work of the coffee growers of the regions.

  • ORO AZTECA and GEISHA, has a height of 1200 to 1600 meters above sea level with citrus, fruit notes and light body. Coffee growers from the Maya – Chuj Tziscao community, in the Lagos de Montebello region.
  • GARNICA, TYPICA, BOURBON and YELLOW CATURRA, have a height of 1000 to 1550 meters above sea level with fruity notes, chocolate, roasted nuts and a light body. Coffee growers from the Tzeltal Tzotzil community, in the Altos de Chiapas region.

One of our primary philosophy is that part of the benefits will be allocated to social projects in the coffee communities of Chiapas.

About us

100% organic coffee of origin

La Chiapaneca is committed to quality organic coffee from Chiapas, because it is a product that is very good worldwide and the best coffee in Mexico. The climatic conditions are almost perfect for the growth and production of the seed. The altitude prevents the grain from being attacked by diseases that end up ruining the crop. The crop is healthy and of quality.

Chiapas coffee bean is famous for its aroma, intensity and body as it is one of the most characteristic crops in the mountainous regions. The process by which coffee seeds pass from sowing to harvest is practically handmade, carried out by the families that make up the communities where the grain is grown. The harvest is manually where only the best grains are selected. Drying and resting are carried out in spaces enabled to end the grain treatment, always taking care of the quality in each part.

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